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Protect your valuables with The Centurion Series by Liberty Safe! Available in 12, 18 and 24 gun safe models, each Centurion is built in America and the quality shows! Compared to other entry-level safes, the Liberty Centurion is heads and tails above the rest. For those on a budget or just getting started, the Centurion is the safe for you! Engineered to be tough, durable, and capable; these fire rated safes will get the job done!

This is a California-approved firearm security device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA 

PRICE: Starting at $549

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Centurion Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 71 customers ratings and reviews

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Excellent Midrange safe
written by Michael H. on August 2, 2018
Great safe plenty of room and configuration options are a plus. Put mine in our closet so the wife has an ease of access in case of an intruder.

My Mike Ward's Liberty Safe
written by Big Al on July 18, 2018
Mike Wards Liberty Safe's was excellent in providing a service like no one else. The young salesman CJ was kind, polite, very courteous, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He another young man delivered our safe with excellent service. Thanks and we love our Liberty Safe and would buy another from Mike Ward's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easy decision
written by Return customer on July 6, 2018
The only choice. Shop where the Pros shop.

Liberty Safes review
written by Henry on May 29, 2018
Browning and Winchester safes are an embarrassment to their name brand.
Liberty has the best safe in the store and is well worth the price.

Perfect Quality Safe
written by Safe and Secure on May 1, 2018
Lots of choices from Liberty and amazing options. I found exactly what I was looking for and thrilled with the product and peace-of-mind it will give me for my belongings. The Liberty dealer I used was top notch and very helpful. I think Liberty cares about their reputation and it shows.

Great Purchase
written by protection on April 29, 2018
I've been wanting a safe for years, I purchased the Liberty Safe to protect my gun investments. Made in the USA and purchased from Mike Wards Liberty Safe in Mobile, AL. Outstanding customer Service.

Happy Buyer
written by Mitchmack on March 25, 2018
Great safe and we'll made!! Exactly what I was looking for

Security Satisfaction
written by Roger on March 23, 2018
With the purchase of my new Liberty Gun Safe I feel secure that my fire arms will be safe and secure from theft or fire damage. I am satisfied that the safe is securely built and that my guns will be safe.

Excellent Investment!
written by Cecil and Carolyn Barnes on March 16, 2018
This is our first Liberty Safe and we love it. The only thing I can say is..."We should have had one sooner!" The peace of mind that comes with owning this safe is worth every penny. If you have any doubt about purchasing one let me say.... You won't regret it. They only thing you will probably say is, "I should have gotten a bigger one!" Great product and our dealer, Mike Ward's was excellent!

Love My Liberty
written by Paul on February 8, 2018
I was shopping for a safe to keep my firearms away from my children. I looked at the local Tractor supply store, Academy, Bass Pro, Field and Stream. the thing that sold me on Liberty were the YouTube videos of breaking into different safes, look it up for yourself and make your own decision, I did. some barely took 2 seconds, liberty time and again held its own, their are others just as good but no dealers in my area. it'll stop the local meth heads that would most likely be what I would encounter, I'm not planning to be targeted by and international jewel thief (jokes on them if they do). its easy enough to open and rearrange the shelves if desired. its a safe, what can I say, it holds my guns and important papers. I would definitely buy another if the need arises and recommend.

written by bamajames on December 18, 2017

Great safe
written by Richard Broxson on December 13, 2017
Love it, and so glad we decided to buy. Customer service and knowledge of the business is exceptional. Decided against the big box stores because safes are just one more thing they sell.... tired of them telling you anything to buy a product.

written by MJV769 on October 29, 2017

Own a piece of the dream
written by Old man Rex on September 21, 2017
I don't know how much I can say except for the day before the purchase of the safe, I was a little more stunned at how the heck will I be able to pay for a safe. Now I know that I have to tell everyone I know about you.

Best safe for the money
written by Bama Gunner on July 6, 2017
When I began shopping for a safe,I was tempted to let price be the driving factor. However as I continued to research safes of different brands it became clear that Liberty gets you more safe for your investment. I feel that even though I spent a little more money, I got a lot more safe. Completely satisfied with my purchase.

written by Burns on May 26, 2017

written by Michael on May 5, 2017

Great Safe!
written by Matt on April 19, 2017
Great transaction and delivery of a quality made safe!

written by Nick on April 18, 2017
Was the perfect solution for my gun storage needs in size, quality, and Price.

written by on April 12, 2017

pleasing security
written by KarenM on March 14, 2017

Made in the USA
written by Jack Diamond on January 18, 2017
Made in the USA! Enough said.

Great Liberty Safe
written by jjt on December 16, 2016
It is an excellent product did change from combination to digital.

Great safe
written by Lizard on December 16, 2016
Everything about the Liberty Centurion is great. From simple operation of locking mechanism to its "secure feel". I would highly recommend this safe to any one looking for a quality gun safe

written by Adam Z. on December 1, 2016
Product is of sound construction and made of good quality material. The interior design conforms to different needs. One aspect I love the most is it is made in the USA.

Bills Gun safe
written by captain bill on November 16, 2016
Find this safe security excellent

Great Safe for the Money
written by Robbie on October 21, 2016

Nice safe, feel more secure now
written by Sgt Fabulous on August 12, 2016
I ordered this safe from a local dealer in Mobile, AL. I am pleased with the quality and professionalism of all involved. Looking forward to having secured firearms

Fire Arms Home Safe.
written by Jim on July 22, 2016
This safe is made in USA That's a big plus to me. I bought my Centurion safe from an authorized Liberty Safe dealer in Mobile, AL. The staff was very knowledge of the products and helped me chose the safe that fit my security concerns as well as fit within my budget.

Nothing like a Liberty Safe
written by Dallas55 on July 20, 2016
Been wanting a good safe for about a year. Looked at a few other brands there was nothing that compared. Peace of mind that's what I got with my Liberty Safe.

written by John wayne on July 16, 2016

written by THOMAS MAKER on July 15, 2016

written by IrishAndy on July 14, 2016
Great product. Great price. Super value. From purchase to set up top rate.

Great Safe for Great Price
written by Happy in MS on July 13, 2016
This safe meets our needs

written by Chris Lawson on April 21, 2016

Great safe
written by Dave on April 1, 2016
The Liberty Revolution 12 gun safe that I purchased is incredible I appreciate liberty's commitment to their customers by offering lifetime warranties for their products another small thing that I appreciate is the handwritten initials of the person who inspected my safe before it left the factory I think the one thing Liberty could do that would turn a great safe into a perfect safe would be to make LED lighting standard on all their models in conclusion I would recommend Liberty to anyone in the market for a safe

Mike Ward's is First Class
written by Lex Bumpers on February 29, 2016
Excellent product! Great service and delivery! I would recommend this product to all of my friends.

Great safe at a reasonable price
written by adam on February 10, 2016
the RE 18 safe was perfect for what i needed and the price was much less than i expected to pay

written by CC on January 13, 2016
The Revolution series safe is a great safe, far superior to its competitors. Very pleased with the purchase for only slightly more money than the off-brand competitors.

third safe and always pleased
written by maggied on December 29, 2015
Excellent knowledge, service, and delivery. This is our third safe from Mike Wards and we have never been disappointed or let down. The young men delivering were polite and very efficient. They were here when the said they would be for this safe. They were help up on the delivery of our second safe and called us well in advance so we could change our schedule. I appreciated that and considering the logistics of delivering and setting one of these safes up I am very pleased with their efficiency.

Great value
written by Jackaroo on December 19, 2015
The safe appears to be all as advertised. Nice, solid, rugged. Delivery was exceptional. Only complaint is lack of color selection. I think this safe will more than meet our needs!

Needed an ammo vault
written by Baby Girl's Dawdaw on November 17, 2015
This was perfect in dimensions for ammo cans and has some fire protection. We also store important papers in our gun vaults.

Revolution 24 safe review
written by Jeff on October 17, 2015
5 star

Revolution 18
written by skagman on May 27, 2015

written by N/A on May 24, 2015

Good Buy
written by David on April 21, 2015
We looked at different safe at another retailer and came back to Mike Wards Liberty Safes. The safe we chose was more durable/heavyweight and bigger for the price.

Great safe
written by Dunn on April 8, 2015
Great safe for the money and delivery included made it even better.

Revolution 24 safe
written by randy on March 7, 2015
5 stars

Reliable Security
written by Bucky Sasquatchiano on March 4, 2015
This safe seems to meet my needs & expectations in every way.great service & instruction from Mike Ward's Liberty Safes in Mobile, AL.

Revolution 12
written by Michael Crawford on March 3, 2015

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